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Photograph Albums

We offer a range of poular album styles to suit your personal preferences.

Graphi Studio Album

The original Wedding Book featuring modern day presentation techniques that fill entire pages with your photographs.

Click here to view an example of a Graphi Studio album.


Colours available: Ivory, Black, Blue, Chilli.

Soft feel simulated leather with embossed border floral motif (can be supplied plain).


Folours available: Ivory, Black, Green, Burgundy.

Made from Ostra material with a recessed panel which takes a copper pewter frame which will take a small picture


Colours available: Black, Ivory, Blue, Green, Burgundy.

A classic soft feel cover with plain front and back.


Silver only.

Brushed aluminium on front.


Colours available: Black, Burgundy, Ivory.

Grained best quality bonded leather with brass corders (or silver).


Colours available: Black, Ivory, Green, Burgundy.

Simulated bookcloth in Ostra design design with recessed areas to take 2 hand-finished plaques to depict the bride and groom's birth signs or initials in pewter or copper.


Colours available: only as shown.

There is a small aperture in the front of the album for your favourite image and you can choose between lustre or gloss finish for your prints.

The album comes complete with your names ebossed on the front cover.


£50 surcharge

Colours available: Black, White, Pink, Rubin, Viola, Santos (Brown).

Acrylic panel running through the centre of the image.

Mirage Kanvas

£90 surcharge

Colours available: Black, Ivory.

Mirage Pictorial

£90 surcharge

Colours available: Black, Ivory.

A colourful print is produced and mounted behind a clear acryclic and inserted into the frame.

Mirage Photoplate

£100 surcharge

Colours available: Black, Ivory.

Covered in a soft-feel, simulated leather material. This specially designed front cover forms a frame into which the photoplate is inserted.

Cameo Acrylic

£45 surcharge.

Colours available: Black, Ivory, Pink, Rubin, Viola, Santos (Brown).

Small acryclic pane with full colour image of your choice bottom right. Portrait or landscape. A4.


£30 surcharge.

Colours available: Black, Ivory, Moonlight, Pink, Rubin, Viola, Santos (Brown), Ameryst.

Bound soft-feel, simulated leather with acryclic front with print mounted onto reverse. Portrait or landscape.

Contemporary Photoplate

£100 surcharge.

Colours available: Black or Ivory.

Full photoplate panel insert. Portrait or landscape.

Cameo Photoplate

£50 surcharge.

Colours available: Black, Ivory, Pink, Rubin, Viola, Santos (Brown).

Portrait or landscape. A4.


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